Tory Exposures “Allegedly” Upsetting – Residents Ignored

Why are East Riding of Yorkshire (ERYC) Conservative Councillors so “upset” by the slow release of the Lisseter Files but yet remain silent on that which affects residents especially those who are vulnerable?

Personally Upsetting Email

A month or so ago one Tory Cllr raised an “alleged” concern regards the photo used of Paul Lisseter – ERYC Tory Councillor – Please Be Kind

Last night another Tory Cllr again raised another “alleged” concern:

“..your use of Cllr Lisseter’s name in the communications is upsetting to me personally”

In Response To Personally Upsetting Email

So why has not one ERYC Tory Cllr raised concerns with me regards the:

  1. Ofsted Report
  2. Planning Fiasco
  3. Environmental Failure
  4. Abandoned 48 Vulnerable Families?

It would appear to a compassionate person that the Tories are more interested in their own “reputation” than helping the residents they claim to represent. Is there any wonder that the Tories are referred to as the nasty party?

Silence Strangeway

Could the photo and the use of a name that is “allegedly” causing concerns be a red herring? Could both be an attempt to silence Strangeway?

Surely the Tories are not nipping their a***s not knowing what the Lisseter Files contain.

All Tory-controlled ERYC have to do to silence Strangeway is to conduct themselves within the law and represent residents instead of themselves. That Ladies and Gentlemen will result in the silence of Strangeway. What could be simpler? I will not hold my breath.

I am always happy to meet ERYC Cllrs for a coffee and a sticky bun to move things forward.

Cast Your Vote And Comment

Not only can everyone cast their vote, but they can also make a comment. To do this once you have voted click on Comments and there will be an option to Leave a Comment.

NB: Poll closes on Friday 20 August

Enjoy your taste of democracy. It would appear that this does not exist within the ERYC Tory Group. Of course, I know nowt!

Further Information

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