East Riding Past Haunts Andy Burton

I am pleased to report that former East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) Tory Councillor Andy Burton was mauled in yesterdays election in Rutland.

Mauled Andy Burton

  • Lib Dem – Paul Browne – 886
  • Con – Andy Burton – 320

Perhaps I should consider publishing more Open Letters.

Abandon Ship

In the East Riding I am informed that numerous Tory Councillors already have an eye on the next election in May 2023. Abandoning ship seems to be a major consideration for many.

Some have “had enough”, while others are standing down. I am also informed that at least two at looking at going Independent in an attempt to distance themselves from their current “friends”.

Instant Karma

Last nights result following the publishing of my Open Letter to Andy could be seen as Instant Karma. The truth will always prevail.

Over to Mr Lennon and friends.

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