Lisseter Files – I Never Bluff

I have always stated that there would be a gradual reveal of the Lisseter Files. I am now informed that the East Riding Tories believe I am bluffing and that I hold no such files.

The Late Paul Lisseter

Paul Lisseter and I enjoyed extensive communication from 25 March 2021, following his suspension from the Conservative Party. This lasted for about a month with frequent, and often daily, exchanges. These emails form just a part of the Lisseter Files.

To assure those Tories who believe I am bluffing I offer the sample email below to the Court Of Public Opinion.

There is a lot more to follow.

Truth And Reconciliation

In the spirit of Truth and Reconciliation, I am always open to meeting with Cllr Jonathan Owen, ERYC Tory Leader, or Cllr John Holtby, ERYC Tory Deputy Leader for a coffee and a sticky bun.

NB: That which I stated in Lisseter Files Vote Winner – Felicity Temple will follow at a time that I choose. Unlike others, I am in no rush.

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