Vote Confirms Jonathan Owen Most Popular

I am rather amused to note obviously orchestrated Letters in both the Wolds Weekly and Hull Daily Mail attacking the ERYC Leadership of Tory Cllr Jonathan Owen while praising the previous Leadership of fellow Tory Cllr Richard Burton.

Cllr Jonathan Owen – The Most Popular

In the recent Lisseter Files Vote I announced that the “winner” was Tory Cllr Felicity Temple. The vote included:

  • Cllr Jonathan Owen – Current ERYC Leader
  • Ex-Cllr Stephen Parnaby – Former ERYC Leader
  • Cllr Mike Stathers – Disgraced former ERYC Deputy Leader
  • Cllr Felicity Temple – Despised former Conservative Group Secretary

A little birdie informs me that Temple and Stathers are instrumental in the talk of revolution (whoops have I leaked information?).

I highly recommend that both Mike and Felicity reconsider their plans as they both received a lot more votes than the person who received the least – current Leader Cllr Jonathan Owen. That makes Jonathan the most popular.

So there we have it, yet again certain ERYC Tories prove how out of touch they are with the public.

Well done Jonathan. The people have spoken.

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