Paul Lisseter Names Cllr Felicity Temple

On Sunday 28 March 2021 the late Paul Lisseter named East Yorkshire Constituency Conservative Association (EYCCA) Chairman, Cllr Felicity Temple, as being responsible for his shocking suspension.

Paul started by stating:

“I have still not been told the reason for my shocking suspension from the EYCCA, have not been told when I will be told the reason and haven’t been told when I will be told or when I will have the opportunity to answer to any allegations.”

and concluded by confirming:

“…Felicity Temple. In view of the fact that she is chairman of the EYCCA and therefore responsible for the appalling way my suspension has been handled…”

Could it be that Cllr Temple was focused on, and driven by, preventing Cllr Lisseter not voting for Cllr Jonathan Owen in the Spring vote for Leader of ERYC? I am informed that the vote was that close!

As Paul passed away just over two months later we can only imagine the stress that the actions, he himself alleged of Cllr Temple, had put him under.

In such circumstances, and with the clear statement by Paul, I  believe ERYC Conservative Cllrs must now consider suspending Cllr Temple. Or perhaps Felicity should jump before she is pushed?

Is there any honor left within the EYCCA? Let us not forget that Cllr Temple replaced Cllr “Bully Boy” Stathers as Chairman!

Perhaps Cllr Michael Lee, a fellow ERYC Driffield Cllr of Cllr Felicity Temple and the regional Chairman of the Voluntary Party for Yorkshire and the Humber (NB: A Conservative Party “Committee”) needs to consider how this affects his regional duties to the Conservative Party.

Could the East Riding Conservatives toxicity be spread to other areas?

Nowt Grows In Tory Field

It would appear that the Chairman’s Welcome to the EYCCA highlights the fact that there is nowt growing in their Tory field.

Further Information

The best (or should I say worst) is yet to come.

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