Children At Exploitation Risk – Huge Credit?

In response to a Hull Daily Mail article stating East Riding children are “at risk from exploitation” an ERYC Tory Councillor has claimed on his Facebook that he believes there should be  “huge credit” given to ERYC Officers and a fellow Tory Councillor.

NB: Hull Daily Mail – ‘Progress’ for East Riding children’s services as council grapples with care staffing ‘crisis’

I would suggest to Paul that his comments are at best inappropriate and poorly timed. Any comments should be reserved for the children that have been, and continue to be, failed.

Why has neither Cllr Paul Nickerson nor any of his fellow ERYC Tory Councillors or the Opposition Councillors offered a comment in response to ERYC: Over 500 Families In Crisis?

It would appear that ERYC Councillors are only interested in defending their position and that of the Officers. There is no wonder many believe things are a little too cosy at County Hall.  I would suggest that Paul needs to reflect on his position.


The solution to the current disaster facing ERYC Children Services is twofold:

  1. Instead of wasting £2million on external Consultants to carry out a pay review use the money to pay staff an adequate salary.
  2. End the bullying culture, which includes realistic workloads for staff.

I am of the opinion that ERYC Councillors and Senior Officers are fully responsible for the current disaster due to poor management and a “turning of the head”. This situation has built up over a number of years.

I would remind all current Councillors that I raised the alarm in relation to Children Sevices four years ago when I was an Independent ERYC Councillor. The response then was to shoot the messenger and defend our position. It appears nowt much has changed and children are still suffering as a result.

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