ERYC Bullying Culture – Highlighted Since 2017

The current disaster of fewer and fewer folk wanting to work for East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) should not come as a surprise to those in County Hall. I raised the issue in 2017 and have continued to raise it on many occasions since.

Mr Google Speaks

True to type ERYC Senior Officers and Councillors blame everything and everyone apart from themselves.

A competent business considering recruiting staff would do a simple online search of each applicant. For reasons known only to ERYC, they have not realised that potential applicants do just as simple a search on those offering the job.

When “ERYC Bully” is typed into Mr Google the images displayed reveal the truth of the endemic ERYC bullying culture.

I and the North Yorks Enquirer have been exposing the ERYC bullying culture for many years. Sadly ERYC has attempted to shoot the messenger (they failed) and ignore the facts. This is in breach of their Duty of Care to staff. Due to this failure of their Duty of Care, they are now unable to fulfil their Statutory Duty in relation to Children Services as those who will put up with bullying are understandably proving difficult to entice.

Why would anyone work under such conditions at ERYC when those who genuinely address any form of bullying are offering employment to those who seek it?

Neither the Conservative Group nor the Independent Group (the majority are Tories in a poor disguise) stood against bullying and remained silent. The Conservatives and the Independents account for over 80% of the Council and thus, ultimately, all decisions are down to the “Tories”.

The current failure to recruit has been known for years. The Tories and their allies must now accept they are reaping that which they have sown. I do not hold my breath for any of them admitting they are responsible.  The situation is on a downward spiral.

Is there any wonder that over 500 families are in crisis across the East Riding?

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