Lisseter Files – Temple Exposed Part 2

This morning I received a rather alarming email with attachments. In the public interest, I thought it appropriate to follow on from Lisseter Files – Temple Exposed Part 1 with Part 2 and incorporate an invitation to certain Councillors.

Part 2:

“I will obviously await to hear further from you however as explained earlier this morning the matter is now with solicitors. Obviously I will look at any further considerations but in the meantime please can you formally confirm both postal address and contact details for both the EYCCA and the Conservative Group for them to use should they be needed.”

Did Paul’s passing halt legal action? If so, against who?

Today’s Email

The email and attachments I received this morning relate to a meeting held yesterday.

Prior to disclosure tomorrow I give the following the right to submit a statement for publication before 11.30am:

  1. Councillor Richard Burton
  2. Councillor Jane Evison
  3. Councillor Leo Hammond
  4. Councillor Kerri Harold
  5. Councillor Richard Meredith
  6. Councillor Felicity Temple

I am sure they all know what I will be disclosing. I would politely ask fellow Councillors of the above-named to pass my offer to those listed.

Further Information

The best (or should I say worst) is still yet to come.

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