East Riding Tory Infighting Escalates

Yesterday I received an email with two attachments that confirm infighting within the East Riding Tories is escalating out of control.

I am informed that Felicity, Richard and Leo are:

  • Councillor Felicity Temple, former Tory Group Secretary
  • Councillor Richard Burton, former Tory ERYC Leader
  • Councillor Leo Hammond

The above two images were attached to an email sent at 10.07. The email is cut and pasted below:

“Thank you for your exposé for bullying at ERYC however this has reached a very sad new low. One (Cllr X – Redacted) currently laying in hospital due to a vicious personal attack which I understand happened at a conservative group meeting yesterday. (Cllr X – Redacted) had stood out against the Rathin Energy application putting a supportive message on his face book slot and several members (named on the screen shots which have been sent to me) made vicious personal verbal attacks on him for speaking out against Rathlin energy – I understand (Cllr X – Redacted) has been an environmentalist for years – this has now gone around the various group message services that councillors have. Felicity Temple must be stopped – bullying kills . (Cllr X – Redcated). Lissiter was also too young to go.

We are all shocked and stunned and a complaint has been made to tory HQ”

Firstly, I would like to wish Cllr X a full and speedy recovery.

I fully endorse the opinion that bullying kills. How much more bullying will the ERYC Tory Group put up with before action is taken? I am pleased to note, and fully support, that a complaint has been submitted to Tory HQ.

Planning Predetermination

As the ERYC Tory Group meeting was held prior to the Tory dominated ERYC Planning Committee considering the highly contentious Rathin Energy application many will be as concerned as I am that this suggests predetermination.

The decision by the Planning Committee to reject the application, by seven votes to five, was in direct contrast to the Environment Agency and Natural England who raised no objections. Even the council planning officers recommend approval of the plans.

I strongly believe that there was predetermination and that Rathin Energy will take this to appeal and win. This will cost East Riding taxpayers thousands.

Mutual Acquaintances

There are many within the ERYC Tory Group that the public would never vote for if they stood as Independents. This is simply down to the fact that they constantly fail to care about their residents and are often notable by their very absence. In essence, they are hiding behind the Conservative Party to shield their incompetence. These Councillors will sit back, collect their £12k+ a year for doing very little and put up with the bullying.

While others, who have the support of their residents, are in a position to stand up to the bullying as their residents would support them if they choose to go Independent.

I have numerous mutual acquaintances, whose judgement I would value, of both Councillor Kerri Harold and Councillor Paul Nickerson who speak very highly of them both.

I would suggest that Kerri, Paul and others should consider the colour of the shirt they wear before the situation gets any worse.

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