ERYC £20K Planning Appeal – Fake News

Many have been concerned since March 2021 as to what the outcome will be in relation to ERYC Catastrophic Planning Failure that is likely to result in hundreds of houses being built in Pocklington and Swanland that should never have been built.

Will Stamford Bridge be next?

This is due to a deficit of 1657 affordable homes against the Policy S5 requirement. In essence, ERYC Councillors on the Planning Committees have collectively failed to ensure that the minimum requirement of 25% affordable housing as per ERYC Policy was fulfilled on average on all approvals. The Pocklington Bund/The Mile was a prime example of this.

The former disgraced ERYC Deputy Leader Councillor Mike Stathers claimed:

“The council’s bill [for a Judicial Review to contest the decision] would be no more than £20,000″

Councillor Stathers then claimed:

“…the figure I gave to colleagues was that given to me by Alan Menzies.” (NB: Alan is the ERYC Director of Planning).

On the 16 September 2021, via a Freedom of Information request for information held in relation to the claim made that “The council’s bill would be no more than £20,000”  it was confirmed that:

The council does not hold any information in relation to the above statement.

I submit my evidence to the Court of Public Opinion. Please see: Freedom of Information Request FOI 13549 – Strangeway

Those who have a basic understanding as to the cost of a Judicial Review will know that to claim it would cost £20K is living in the Land of the Cuckoos.

Should we file this under the incompetence or dishonesty of Councillor Stathers or the Director of Planning Alan Menzies? I would suggest that it is best not to waste our time working that one out. One to simply file under Fake News.

Oral Hearing

Please note in Freedom of Information Request FOI 13549 – Strangeway

“The court has listed the matters for an oral hearing on 12th & 13th October 2021.”

Why has ERYC not made this information public when I have held the information for three weeks?

The Outcome

The Court can ultimately only decide if the Inspector committed a procedural impropriety.

I doubt this will happen. If it does I would be of the opinion that Gladman will re-appeal and the Inspector will iron out the procedural impropriety. The fact regards the deficit of 1657 affordable homes will remain. The final outcome will reflect this.

East Riding residents will pick up the bill. Those living in Pocklington, Swanland, Stamford Bridge etc… will have hundreds of houses imposed on them.

What a mess ERYC Councillors have created.

Further Information

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