ERYC Director Retired – Top Secret

Three weeks ago I exposed how the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) had banned Independent Supported Living (ISL) residents from accessing day services since March 2020.

“Retired” ERYC Director of Adult Services John Skidmore

This was eventually covered by the Hull Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror.

In the midst of all the media glare highlighting the failure of ERYC Adult Services a “retirement” was being kept top secret. Unless you count the email sent to staff that is.

I can confirm that within the last two or three weeks, John Skidmore, ERYC Director of Adult Services “retired”.  I am sure that the exposure of the banning of ISL residents days prior had nothing to do with it!

It would appear that John was given the option to “retire” or “be retired”.

Did anyone read in the Hull Daily Mail of the joyous retirement? Did Caroline Lacey, ERYC Chief Executive wish John a long retirement? Was there a statement from ERYC Leader Councillor Jonathan Owen wishing John success in fulfilling his lifelong dream to become the West Ridings Champion Rhubarb Grower?

This would confirm the options offered then!

Given the failure, for years of ERYC Adult Services, someone had to fall on the sword. So up step Mr Skidmore. There was no other choice but to make the sacrifice of John as numerous Adult Services “Service Managers” had already either left or gone on long term sick:

  • Anita Brigham
  • Steve Gray
  • Lianna Kirk
  • Lynne Froud
  • etc…

(NB: All are invited to whistleblow to Strangeway via the usual well-trodden means)

The ERYC Adult Services disaster continues, we have witnessed:

Could I suggest that the ERYC top floor and the Cabinet meet to discuss what Strangeway is exposing? Or have they already read my mind?

Something tells me the disaster has only just begun.

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