ERYC Social Care Workforce – Desperately Seeking

There are numerous reasons why the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) continually fail to ensure an adequate Social Care workforce to meet the demands faced. These include the shameful bullying culture, lack of a decent wage, and a comment by the ERYC Leader Jonathan Owen that insulted those currently working in other professions – the very people ERYC MUST attract.

ERYC Leader Councillor Jonathan Owen

I refer everyone to ERYC Bullying Culture – Highlighted Since 2017. Who would want to work in such a toxic environment? Yet senior officers and Councillors NEVER admit that bullying exists!

Only last week ERYC Leader Councillor Jonathan Owen insulted the very people ERYC MUST attract who are currently working in other jobs by stating their present employment is:

“easier jobs”.

One to file under how to attract future staff, Jonathan? You have just insulted them! Of course, you will deny this like you and others deny the bullying culture.

A Decent Wage

Having insulted potential future applicants and done nowt about the bullying culture surely paying a decent wage is not rocket science?

In July there was the announcement of ERYC “spending £2m on pay review and job evaluation scheme” to external consultants! Has the “pay review and evaluation scheme” resulted in current staff seeking and securing alternative employment?

Then, just over a week ago Jonathan makes the claim that:

“to bring wages up to comparative levels and stem the loss of staff would put potentially, pressure on our Council budgets of £1.6m”

Why the hell has ERYC wasted £2m on external consultants when they already knew that Stage One – A Decent Wage would cost £400,000 less at £1.6m?

There is no wonder to quote Jonathan:

“…we are haemorrhaging our social care workforce to other jobs because of uncompetitive rates of pay”

I have stated that I believe Councillor Jonathan Owen is the best of the 67 Councillors to be the Leader of ERYC and I stand by this.

I would suggest that Jonathan buys himself a new calculator and applies some common sense to proceedings. The offer of coffee and a sticky bun is always open to Jonathan.

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