ERYC Social Care Crisis – Discussed In Parliament

In recent weeks my exposures of East Riding of Yorkshire Council failures have then been reported in the Hull Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, and the Yorkshire Post.

Emma Hardy, Labour MP Hull West And Hessle

After my publishing, ERYC Social Care Workforce – Desperately Seeking on Saturday, yesterday the crisis was raised in Parliament by Emma Hardy, Labour MP for Hull West and Hessle.

Emma “asked the minister for more financial support for Tory East Riding Council as it wants to pay adult social carers more to attract them back to the profession.” and stated: “My constituent was told there were no carers to look after her mum.”

Why did none of the East Riding Tory MPs ask the question of the Tory Government for a Tory Council? Could it be that they know the reply already?

I wonder if ERYC informed Emma that in July they had “spent £2m on a pay review and job evaluation scheme” to external consultants instead of paying a decent wage to Social Care workers? Surely ERYC would want clean hands in their “approach” to the Government.

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