ERYC Senior Officer – Marched Off Premises

Numerous sources from within various ERYC Departments have informed me that a few weeks ago a Senior ERYC Officer was:

“marched off the premises”

ERYC Chief Executive Caroline Lacey – Dismissing Again? 

Last Tuesday I politely gave Caroline Lacey, ERYC Chief Executive the opportunity to “offer a statement for publication”. Once again it would appear that our Caroline dismissively waved her hand. Silence prevailed from County Hall.

Commenting on the none response by Ms Lacey, I believe a former ERYC Officer who used to work in Adult Services, nailed it in simple terms:

“No comment is a sure sign of guilt”

What If…

What if Ms Lacey did respond? Would she have mentioned:

  1. The historical bullying that relates to the “marched off the premises”?
  2. The extensive evidence that must have been gathered over a long period to prevent an unfair dismissal case resulting?
  3. Similar evidence held on other “Senior ERYC Officers”?
  4. The connection to the Mires Beck scandal?

As always Strangeway and his sources know nowt.

Has anyone got directions for the Beverley Job Centre?

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