ERYC Councillors – The Exodus Begins

I am aware of numerous ERYC Councillors who will not be standing for reelection in May 2023.

Councillor David Rudd

After making, what would appear to be a Nazi comment under the influence of alcohol, I am informed that Wolds Weighton Ward Councillor Tory David Rudd will not be standing for reelection. Some say he would not be selected!

Wolds Weighton Independent

Many have been disgusted by the conduct over the past year or so of the disgraced former ERYC Deputy Leader Councillor Mike Stathers, a fellow Wolds Weighton Tory Councillor of our David.

There are rumours circulating that a former Independent ERYC Councillor who lives in Wolds Weighton Ward has been approached by residents to stand against the Tories. It would appear that the bullying, planning fiasco and Nazi comment are proving unacceptable for some Wolds Weighton residents.

As always Strangeway knows nowt!

NB: Wolds Weighton Ward covers Market Weighton, Full Sutton, North Dalton etc…

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