Access To Day Services Scandal Continues

Having first exposed the Mires Beck Independent Supported Living (ISL) scandal on 20 September 2021 I am astounded by the need to put further information before the Court of Public Opinion, local media, and national media.

I will cut straight to the chase.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) has been paying Mires Beck each month to provide some disabled people with a service where they can develop skills and grow in confidence and self-esteem.

Despite ERYC paying Mires Beck for this service ERYC are refusing to allow those disabled individuals living in Independent Supported Living (ISL) to attend Mires Beck and are also refusing to engage with those living in ISL if they want to move to another private day service … given that each individual has to pay a proportion of the payments to Mires Beck from their own disability payments this seems totally unfair and defies belief…

The question must be asked …what are they paying for and why?

In 2020 in excess of £500,000 was paid jointly by ERYC and Hull City Council to Mires Beck for providing day services to disabled people – this is an increase on 2019 figures despite a number of people living in ISL being denied access, yet they still have to pay. The exact figures are a matter of public record at Companies House and the Charity Commission.

Never forget that is £500,000 per annum that East Riding and Hull residents pay via their Council Tax. In normal times I believe it is worth every penny to support East Riding and Hull ISL residents for an excellent service.

When will this ban end on ISL service users returning to day services?

My question must be – just why are Mires Beck receiving such large amounts of money from the public purse for a non-existent service?

What the hell is going on?

To make matters worse ISL residents could source alternative services immediately from a range of alternative Private Providers but ERYC is blocking this as well. All that needs to happen is for an ERYC Panel to confirm that the finance can be paid instead to an approved Private Provider and everyone is happy. It would not cost ERYC another penny.

But ERYC will not refer requests to the Panel!

  • So why is ERYC banning access to Mires Beck?
  • Why is ERYC not offering alternative Private Providers, who are willing to take ISL individuals?
  • Why is Council Tax money being spent for nowt in return?

Finally, why have those Officials from Mires Beck, ERYC Officers, and Councillors collectively gone into silent mode with the Parents/Carers – have they never heard of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and their statutory obligations under The Code of Practice 2007?


Further Information

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