Lisseter Files – Temple Exposed Part 3

Having published Lisseter Files – Temple Exposed Part 1 and Lisseter Files – Temple Exposed Part 2 the time has now arrived for …wait for it…Lisseter Files – Temple Exposed Part 3.

We can now conclude that former Tory Group Secretary Cllr Felicity Temple:

  1. Part 1 – Did not seem to “deal with the rules in full or the advice fully either.”
  2. Part 2 – Conducts her duties in such a way that “the matter is now with solicitors.”
  3. Part 3 – Failed to provide “minutes of the relevant meetings requested.”

Given such “failings” and the passing of Paul Lisseter why was no action taken against Cllr Temple by the Conservative Group?

Why was she not, at the very least suspended?

Kindness In The Workplace Petition

The good news is the ‘kindness in the workplace’ petition of Tory Cllrs wanting to kick out Cllr Felicity Temple did receive a lot of signatures.

Cllr Felicity Temple

Why is there a “kindness in the workplace petition” but no suspension?

Skeletons In The Closet Insurance Policy

I would suggest that if the Court of Public Opinion had knowledge of the “skeletons in the closet insurance policies” a light bulb moment would result.

In simple terms – Certain Cllrs have “skeletons in the closets”. Other Cllrs know, and in some circumstances hold evidence, about said “skeletons”.

Some may consider this to be the ingredients for blackmail to control. As always Strangeway knows nowt!

But if Strangeway did, should he start to name those with said “skeletons” but not name the “skeletons” until later?

Further Information

I would like to embrace the season of goodwill early and confirm that I will now put the Lisseter Files away under lock and key until next year.

Did I hear a massive sigh of relief from certain Tory Cllrs?

Finally, can anyone remind me when the next election is?

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