Nickerson Disgrace Triggers ERYC Leadership Rumours

Many will have been disgusted by the conduct of ERYC Conservative Councillor Paul Nickerson this week.

ERYC Leader Cllr Jonathan Owen – Under Pressure

The current ERYC Leader Cllr Jonathan Owen only became the Leader by the skin of his teeth in April 2019. I stated this would happen a month earlier!

I can now confirm that “rumours abound” with talk of a Leadership bid by the “old guard”.

Given that one vote cast for Jonathan was by the disgraced Cllr Nickerson, who is currently suspended, all is to play for.

It would seem that Jonathan has not helped himself having made the fatal error of not keeping his enemies near. As such I am hearing that a couple of disgruntled Cllrs can be bought. Keep a close eye on Cabinet seats and Chairs of certain committees. Both pay a significant five-figure sum on top of the basic allowance.

Further Information

Please see Councillor Paul Nickerson for further information.

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