Independent Supported Living – The Liar Named

As the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) continues to ban Independent Supported Living residents I believe it is time for me to put some meat on the bones.

  • Fact 1

The question as to why Mires Beck is still being paid for non-provision of service has not been addressed by Council Officials or staff at Mires Beck.

Why are Councillors accepting this?

Could someone pass me the back scratcher?

  • Fact 2

Yvonne Rhodes, ERYC Head of Business Management and Commissioning is going to retire as I knew when I published Yvonne Rhodes – Time To “Retire”!  last Wednesday. Thanks for the email Yvonne.

I can also confirm that Yvonne Rhodes is a liar. I have the evidence to support my statement as Yvonne will be aware. If ERYC or Yvonne what to attempt legal action against me for this statement I would welcome my day in court.

Please do advise me about the requirements of the Care Act 2014 Yvonne or perhaps you would like my experts to assist you.

  • Fact 3

The 67 Councillors are acting as mere puppets to those on the top floor of County Hall. Their idea of “holding to account” is asking the same officers a question that the said officer answers in exactly the same way that the resident has questioned.

That is how it works at ERYC. There is no holding to account. As a current Councillor once correctly said to me when I was an Independent ERYC Councillor:

“You are right, we are all too cosy with each other”.

About To Get Worse

After six years, if those on the top floor and the 67 Councillors still believe Andy Strangeway will eventually go away they are residing in the land of the cuckoos.

In the interests of clean hands, I am delighted to confirm things are about to get a lot worse for those Councillors and their “friends” on the top floor.

Truth is great, it will prevail, Strangeway will publish it and what is about to be published will be more damning than ever.

My hands are now clean. Notice is served.

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