Welcome To Meek Mary

It is my pleasure to introduce Meek Mary. Mary will be a regular contributor to Andy Strangeway – Independent.


Mary, meek and mild.

I work hard every day, then home to my family that is me.

Years I work amongst the privileged. I was privileged in that this let me hear everything.

More importantly, I heard because I was not valued, I wasn’t noticed, silently absorbing lie after lie, watching the change of the masks meeting to meeting.

Now I have heard enough, it’s time to start to share my knowledge, it’s time to help people fight back, to expose the bullies, give voices to the ignored, and create a proper future for our children, and loved ones.

Meek Mary, always unheard, always unnoticed, not worthy of attention, no value to her involvement. She will serve the coffee, prepare the room, then tidy away after for you, invisible that’s her.

But she hears everything that’s Mary. You ooze confidence, you spill over power, your expensive suits, people look up to you, you boast of achievements.

Mary heard as you talk of the policies, you draw up the plans, then she watches you file them, then no more. She knows it’s an act, a panto of power, you have won over the people, the minutes you write will never be shared. Yet Mary knows this is just token, a gesture to silence the people.

Walking the corridors, past the photocopier, Mary greets them and acquires a nod. Even sitting on the loo, they continue to talk that’s what they always do. They talk and what amazes Mary, is how the story changes, from person to person these actors are great.

So what’s there to say? Well let Mary tell you, politics, money, what’s the cover up today?

So children are failed. No Educational Health Plan today, your preparing for adulthood, hey let’s wait till your 18th birthday.

The gods in the ivory tower,  they know their failings, but will never face them, trained in denial, trained to deflect.

Mr Skidmore, where did you go? You were the best a true showman that’s you.

But where did you go retirement? Where was the leaving celebrations? Where was the notice? You left in silence, just tiptoed away. Certainly not the show man that Mary do know,?

Hmmmm Day Care. Failure to provide preparing for adulthood oh OFSTED is coming, the draft report is out, are people running?

Where is Mr Thompson having a holiday?

Could Mr Thompson be moving to pastures greener? Is that because he failed? Does he know that the Ofsted report is coming too?

Carers on their knees, individuals in crisis no one to turn to, this is the truth outside of the theatre.

Well guys Meek Mary is here to tell you all what she gets to hear. Mary will make sure that voices are heard, changes will be made, and as the ivory tower empties its structure will fall.

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