East Riding – Cooking The Books Evidence

After publishing East Riding – Cooking The Books and receiving feedback from my various sources with ears close to numerous ERYC Councillors I can confirm that said Councillors are questioning the credibility of what I state.

It would seem, yet again, one to file under “our officers are perfect”!

I would have thought by now that everyone would realise that Strangeway DOES NOT bluff. I will always have evidence to support what I state.

Evidence – A Sample

I could assure everyone that I have in my possession all the required documents to support everything I have published. This includes emails between various parties and invoices sent to Parents/Carers by Mires Beck.

Redacted Invoice

I can confirm that I have had sight of this invoice unredacted. I recommend that if any of the 67 ERYC Councillors question the authenticity of this invoice they contact Mires Beck who will confirm this is their invoice.

10 Years And 9 Months Prison Sentence

I draw everyone’s attention to yesterdays Hull Daily Mail:

Greedy husband and manipulative wife jailed after fleecing two councils of £500k

I quote the article:

  • fleecing two councils of about £500,000
  • The loss to Hull City Council was at least £200,097 and for East Riding Council it was £204,952
  • He also denied false accounting on February 24, 2015 by falsifying a document for accounting purposes
  • that the fraud involved grossly inflating invoices
  • charged for huge numbers of hours that were never actually worked
  • Invoices were fiddled
  • The Reeders “deliberately and dishonestly deceived two local authorities” into paying their companies
  • They submitted invoices to Hull City Council and East Riding of Yorkshire Council for work which had not been done
  • This fraud has the potential to make social care provision extremely difficult
  • Dimitri Reeder was jailed for six years. Claire Reeder was jailed for four years and nine months.

Compare this case to the Mires Beck scandal

“Julian Neilson, of East Riding Council, said that the fraud placed extra pressure on social care budgets at a time when they were under “enormous strain” and during a period of public sector austerity.”

ERYC is involved in the Mires Beck “cooking the books” scandal themselves!

Two Simple Questions

  • Who will take a share of the “10 years and 9 months” in this case?
  • Will the 67 ERYC Councillors now finally act?
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