My East Riding – Where Jonathan Matters

Many East Riding residents are rather tired and disgusted by the ERYC mantra “Where everyone matters” as many are aware this is far from the truth especially those who have dealt with ERYC Children and Adult Services.

Leader Cllr Jonathan Owen – Page 2

In the latest issue of the ERYC propaganda magazine “Your East Riding”, aka “The Leaders East Riding”, the ERYC Leader demonstrates that it is he who matters with three images for his disciples to worship before.

Leader Cllr Jonathan Owen – Page 4

Leader Cllr Jonathan Owen – Page 5

It would appear that the East Riding mantra needs to be changed to “My East Riding – Where Jonathan Matters”.

Jonathan, your ego is getting the better of you. I would suggest that you consider this for the next issue. It does not reflect well on either you or ERYC.

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