Stamford Bridge Boundary Change – Part 2

Having confirmed Part 1 of the Stamford Bridge Parish boundary change in July I can now share an update about Part 2 of the boundary change.

Photo That Inspired The Change

When I instigated the Stamford Bridge Parish boundary change in 2017, while serving as the ERYC Independent Councillor for Stamford Bridge, I was aware of the required two parts to the change.

If the second part of the boundary change is confirmed it will mean that residents of Godwin Vale will be able to vote for Councillors to represent them at ERYC in the same way all other Stamford Bridge residents can currently. In essence, Godwin Vale residents will finally become a full part of Stamford Bridge. Common sense will prevail.

ERYC yesterday confirmed:

“The Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) is undertaking the necessary work to review the boundary of Pocklington Provinical Ward and Wolds Weighton Ward.

You will recall that this is necessary following the completion of the community governance review of the arrangements relating to the parishes of Stamford Bridge and Skirpenbeck. This has resulted in the properties on the Godwin Vale development becoming part of the parish of Stamford Bridge rather than Skirpenbeck parish. The approved changes resulted in a consequential situation whereby the existing boundary between the Ward boundaries will not follow the new boundary between Stamford Bridge and Skirpenbeck.

As part of this work, the LGBCE has asked me to gather any specific feedback from local interested parties with regards to the proposal to amend the local ward boundary between Pockington Provincial and Wolds Weighton wards. The change will ensure that the ward boundary will follow the revised parish boundary making it coterminous as is the electoral custom. This will ensure that the residents of Godwin Vale (who are affected by the change) will vote in Stamford Bridge for all elections and not in Skirpenbeck parish as is currently the position.

The LGBCE is seeking to implement any changes in time for the May 2023 local elections (in line with the change to the parish boundary).”

Tory Councillors Silence

I wonder why the three ERYC Conservative Councillors from Pocklington Provincial and the three ERYC Conservative Councillors from Wolds Weighton have not informed residents of this latest news?

Further Information

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