New Years Eve – Terrorist Gate Open

It never ceases to amaze me how Local Authorities (Councils) appear to be devoid of morals and common sense.

Lendal Terrorist Barrier – Open 19.38 December 31

Some believe I am anti the Conservative Party as I hold the Tory dominated ERYC to account on a regular basis. I can assure everyone that the colour of the shirt, be it blue, red or yellow, makes no difference to my holding to account or the fact that common sense is not that common after all within Local Authorities.

I have never understood the bizarre anti-terrorist structures across UK towns including those in York. Will the terrorist attacks now not happen outside the structures? I appreciate this is a rather simple question that a child would ask.

The Liberal Democrat dominated City of York Council went a step further last night by having the barrier fully open on Lendal. Does this not negate the purpose of the barriers?

Perhaps terrorists take the last day of the year off.

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