ERYC Closed – Due To Staff Shortages

After yesterday exposing how the City of York Council left a Terrorist Gate Open on New Year’s Eve. Today I can confirm that ERYC also failed on New Year’s Eve. A yellow or blue shirt makes no difference to the incompetence of Local Authorities.

Early afternoon on New Year’s Eve a notice on the doors to County Hall shamefully stated:

“Due to staff shortages we are closed.”

“Due to staff shortages” was Tesco, McDonald’s, Care Homes, or Hospitals closed early afternoon on New Year’s Eve?

East Riding Council Taxpayers do not pay their ever-increasing Council Tax to be denied access to County Hall or other services.

ERYC needs to start stating the facts and admit its failures. This is not “due to staff shortages” as demonstrated by Tesco, Mcdonalds, etc… remaining open. This is due to ERYC Cllrs and Senior Officers failing to address the ongoing bullying culture which has and continues to result in the exodus of staff.

It is time for a change in the bullying culture at County Hall before more services that have been paid for by East Riding residents are deemed unavailable “due to staff shortages”.

Expect a further Council Tax rise in April to pay for the staff shortages!

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