ERYC Councillors – Buddhism, Compassion and Integrity

Having just returned from a two month trip to Nepal, of which I spent seven weeks at the birthplace of Buddha, I thought I should consider the importance of integrity.

In early December I was interviewed by a Buddhist TV station about my Buddhism. I was asked about the Pancha Sila, aka the Five Precepts.

For Buddhists, the Pancha Sila is what we aspire to for the basis of moral discipline. Of course, we fail every time we kill an insect, drink a coffee or have a glass of beer.

To me, the most important of the five precepts is to refrain from telling lies. Without integrity, we are devoid of moral disciple.

Over recent years many East Riding residents have witnessed the sad lack of moral disciple from numerous Conservative ERYC Councillors:

  1. Cllr Arthur Hodgson – Paedophile
  2. Cllr Dominic Peacock – Shameful comments
  3. Cllr Dee Sharpe – Failure to pay Council Tax
  4. Cllr Mike Stathers – Bully boy tactics
  5. Cllr Paul Nickerson – Unsavoury image

Why is it always Conservative Councillors?

When the public spotlight is on the ERYC Leader Tory Cllr Jonathan Owen, as was the case with the national exposure of Cllr Nickerson he gives the expected response. Yet sadly when given the opportunity to condemn bully boy Cllr Stathers he remains silent. I would suggest to Jonathan that playing to the public stage is never a good look.

I and all Buddhists aspire to the Pancha Sila, Christians have the Ten Commandments, Politicians must (but rarely do) uphold the Nolan Principles and those who are just decent human beings place their moral disciple in humanity. Compassion for our fellow human beings should underpin everything we do and aspire to.

I would like to encourage all ERYC Councillors, especially those in the Conservative Group, to raise their bar a little higher and embrace moral disciple.

Of course, we will all fail, but I encourage all ERYC Councillors to accept their failures, admit them and move on. Will your Common Purpose training permit this?

For those who are unaware of what Common Purpose is I suggest that you ask your ERYC Ward Councillor. Many will be unaware and those that are aware will pretend they are unaware!

Interview At The Birthplace Of Buddha

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