ERYC Biggest Ever Failure – Planning Incompetence

Having spent December and January in Nepal for my Buddhist practice there was almost no time available for my Political Commentary as any “free” time was devoted to my Consultancy. In the coming weeks, I hope to be in a position to make public that which my Consultancy business has been focused on.

Will Stamford Bridge be next?

Over the two-month period, I continued to receive updates and inside information from my network. I was dumbfounded at how ERYC went from bad to worse in such a short time. Sadly the inability of senior ERYC Officers or any of the 67 Councillors to admit any responsibility for the rapid downward spiral was blatantly obvious.

Over the next week or so I will endeavour to get up to speed with my Political Commentary before I move on to making public achievements in my Consultancy Business.

Planning Incompetence – A Brief Background

  • ERYC MUST ensure a robust 5-year local plan – They failed
  • ERYC MUST ensure that a minimum of 25% of affordable housing is built of all housing. They failed
  • ERYC  was given a year to put their failures right by the Inspectorate. They failed

On the 6 October 2021 in ERYC £20K Planning Appeal – Fake News I stated that:

“… a deficit of 1657 affordable homes against the Policy S5 requirement. In essence, ERYC Councillors on the Planning Committees have collectively failed to ensure that the minimum requirement of 25% affordable housing as per ERYC Policy was fulfilled on average on all approvals. The Pocklington Bund/The Mile was a prime example of this.

The former disgraced ERYC Deputy Leader Councillor Mike Stathers claimed: “The council’s bill [for a Judicial Review to contest the decision] would be no more than £20,000″ and then claimed: “…the figure I gave to colleagues was that given to me by Alan Menzies.” (NB: Alan is the ERYC Director of Planning).

Those who have a basic understanding as to the cost of a Judicial Review will know that to claim it would cost £20K is living in the Land of the Cuckoos.” 

Case Lost

In early December it was announced that ERYC had lost their Judicial Review. Please read Yorkshire Post – Ruling on Hundreds of New Homes.

The comment from Councillor Mike “Bully Boy” Stathers says it all: “We are extremely disappointed”. Is that because the truth is now out Mike? You and all your fellow Councillors failed East Riding residents.

Bully boy and all the other 66 ERYC Councillors, including the three Pocklington Provincial Tory Councillors, hold full responsibility for the failure. They should not be disappointed, they should be disgusted and ashamed of their failure. This is the biggest failure in the history of ERYC.

Has anyone seen an apology to Pocklington residents from Councillor Bully Boy, Councillor Kay West, Councillor Paul West or Councillor David Sykes? Is this yet another failure of moral discipline?

Failure To Understand The Law

I note with amusement the statement from Bully Boy:

“There were only small numbers of people who said we shouldn’t be spending the money”

I clearly stated this. So how can I know this but not any of the senior ERYC Officers or the 67 Councillors?

It is not rocket science to those with a basic understanding of the law. All 67 ERYC Councillors MUST have this basic understanding of the law to represent their residents. If they don’t they are clearly not fit for purpose. We have now witnessed the result of their lack of the required knowledge to be a competent Councillor – over 500 houses imposed on East Riding residents.

I don’t hold my breath for any apologies. All are guilty, all are not fit for purpose.

Will Stamford Bridge be next?

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