ERYC Carers Vacancies And Bullying

It will come as no surprise to parents and carers that more than a third of ERYC frontline children’s social worker posts are vacant. Vacancies in frontline teams across social work teams currently stand at 35%.

Conservative Cllr Victoria Aitken Lost For Words

To make matters worse the vacancies did not take into account those from workers going on maternity leave or absences due to sickness. 3,516 working days were lost to sickness from June to December, with 1,470 resulting from stress, depression, mental illness, etc…

A national study has confirmed that the most common reason for staff leaving councils was disliking the culture of their workplace, with 59% saying their relationships with colleagues deteriorated during the pandemic.

To clarify the reasons stated are:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Mental illness
  • Disliking the culture of their workplace
  • Relationships with colleagues deteriorating

Let’s cut to the chase.

What is the true reason for the stress, depression, mental illness, disliking the culture of their workplace, and relationships with colleagues deteriorating that has resulted in more than a third of East Riding frontline children’s social worker posts being vacant?

My intray clearly suggests it is that not-so-great ERYC elephant in the room – bullying.

Diversionary Tactics

I submit to the court of public opinion two quotes out of the great book of Diversionary Tactics:

  • Conservative Cllr Victoria Aitken, portfolio holder for children, young people and schools, said the council was trying to draw in recruits based on the quality of life in the East Riding.
  • Conservative Cllr Jonathan Owen, ERYC Leader has stated “… we rebuild our confidence in East Riding as a place to live, work and thrive.”

East Riding folk do not need smoke and mirrors statements telling them what a great place the East Riding is to live. East Riding folk want Cllr Owen and Cllr Aitken to admit that they have a massive issue with bullying that yet again they fail to address or even admit.

Just like the planning failure (See – ERYC Biggest Ever Failure – Planning Incompetence) it is East Riding residents who will suffer because of the incompetence of ERYC Councillors to take appropriate action.

Unless you have a desire to become a victim of bullying I would not recommend anyone to work for ERYC. The situation will continue to get worse until the bullying issue is admitted to and addressed.

Is that another coup I can smell within the Tory Group?

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