ERYC Bullying Report – Leaked Councillors Email

Bullying from senior officers and decisions being taken outside the democratic process are among the findings of a draft report on the inner workings of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

ERYC Chief Executive, Caroline Lacey, Attempting To “Bury The Bad News”  

The report is based on visits from councillors and officers from other authorities, including Stoke-on-Trent City Council leader Cllr Abi Brown and Central Bedfordshire Council Chief Executive Marcel Coiffait. 

ERYC is trying to brush away the report claiming it is subject to a Facebook-style fact check. I would endorse an ERYC Councillor who has stated this is an attempt to:

“Bury the bad news, until it’s forgotten”

Last night I sent an invitation to ERYC Councillors;

“In the public interest, copy of the “bullying report” would be warmly received either via email or in snail mail to Strangeway Towers.”

In response, I received the email below. This was sent out to ERYC Councillors last Friday

It would appear that at least one person on the Cabinet has morals.

NB: More to follow…

Further Information

Please read – Hull Daily Mail – Report on East Riding Council finds ‘bullying’ and ‘unusually controlling behaviour’

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