ERYC Not Happy Bullying Report Published

A source within the walls of the Ivory Tower, Beverley, aka, ERYC County Hall, informs me that those in residence are unhappy that the Confidential “Bullying Report” – was published for circulation. I bet they are.

Is Bully Boy Plotting A Coup?

Leader Facing Challenge

My source also informs me that the ERYC Leader, Conservative Cllr Jonathan Owen is facing a Leadership challenge due to the report.

Hello Bully Boy

Surely disgraced former Deputy Leader Tory Cllr Mike “Bully Boy” Stathers is not at the centre of the coup?

I wonder if Cllr Owen would like me to publish certain communication from Bully Boy that is in my possession?

What a complex web power-hunger ERYC Tories weave instead of dealing with their failings with Children Services, planning, Adult Services, the bullying culture, shortage of care staff etc…

You all need your heads banging together. Stop your childish games. Get on with sorting out the mess you have all created.

East Riding residents deserve better.

Further Information

As residents of the Ivory Tower are unhappy that I published the Confidential “Bullying Report” I am duty-bound, in the public interest, to publish it again.

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