Vile Death Threat

This morning I received a vile death threat in the post.

I have received numerous unsigned letters in the past of a similar nature. This invariably happens after holding certain ERYC Conservative Councillors to account.

I note: “None of your numerous accusations and allegations have had any justification and none have ever proved right”

It would appear that the truth is rather painful for someone as I have been proved right with all of the following:

  1. Children Services – damning Ofsted Report
  2. Planning Failure
  3. Adult Services
  4. Bullying Culture
  5. Shortage of Care Staff

Residents, journalists, and political commentators  MUST always be able to lawfully hold those to account who are elected to represent them, free from threats of any kind, especially death threats.

This is clearly an attempt to silence me. My response is to continue publishing.

I will always publish under my name. I will never hide behind an unsigned letter, a fake Twitter account, or a fake Facebook account.


Those at ERYC MUST condemn this threat to my life due to my lawfully exposing their failures.

I invite ERYC Chief Executive, Caroline Lacey to issue a statement for publication condemning this threat to my life.

In addition, I invite the Conservative Group, the Liberal Democrat Group, the Independent Group, and the Yorkshire Party Group to issue a statement for publication condemning this action.

Humberside Police

Humberside Police have already taken a statement from me and issued two Crime Numbers. I encourage anyone with information to contact Humberside Police quoting either reference number.

  • Harassment  16/34528/22
  • Malicious Communication 16/34530/22

Truth is great and it will prevail.

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