Thank You For The Support

I would like to thank everyone for their kind messages of support following the publication of Vile Death Threat.

I firmly believe that we should all have compassion for the person who wrote this letter as they are clearly a very sad and troubled person.

The messages below are unedited and a selection of those I received. I am humbled.

  1. well andy ,you have got some one upset ,keep it up
  2. I feel so sorry for the person who wrote this letter.
  3. shows what this persons idea of a woman whose husband is away would do in his nieve ,sick,perverted world, perhaps the author of this letter has played away too many times himself. Speaks volumes about the author of this letter and the corruption that must be exposed of those in local government that we the tax payer pay for.
  4. Keep the pressure on, obviously working.
  5. I get fan mail myself. It means what you are doing is right. keep up the good work mate.
  6. That letter 😆 I blame the education system, rise above it
  7. do i detect a raw nerve?
  8. “One of my councillor friends copied me into”If what is written in the letter is true they’ve left evidence of the crime.
  9. You have plenty of friends Andy and are admired by many who scarcely know you personally. Keep up the good work!
  10. Wow how childish …….bullying really ! What a let down they should be embarrassed 😳 keep going Andy. You must be doing a good job
  11. That is a horrible letter and not acceptable, lam pleased the police are investigating. The person projecting about themselves. You must be getting to the truth and someone prob will be prosecuted if you do so someones frightened. Be calm l know you do an exellent job and from what l can gather you have an excellent loving relationship with your wife many want. Thinking about you both.
  12. you may just have the tip off the iceburg there may be much much more someones frightened they will be exposed. Bet moneys corruption and maybe more at the bottom of it prob been going on for years. Be calm, be strong look after yourself and your wife.
  13. Well I am your friend buddy, sounds like they are very angry, soon as you read it you can feel how unstable they are if anyone was not going to believe or not like someone it’s obvious to me it would be the person who wrote that pile off rubbish.
    Glad you enjoyed your mental 😱 hospital holiday, I just wish I could have been there.
    I think you may have touched a nerve somewhere 😂
    Bless you all
  14. I know it will be like water off a ducks 🦆 🔙 and you will not lose any sleep what so ever over Mr Mysterious letter 😂
    Maybe they need a chat and get blessed by Dalai Lama so they can slowly come back down to earth
  15. A measure of the entitled bullies who’s cages you are rattling Andy, keep up the good work!
  16. You must be right over the target with your reporting now Andy to have triggered this attack. You must have heard the expression if you can’t attack the message attack the messenger. Unfortunately it’s hard to find honest journalism these days. I know this will only strengthen you resolve in outing the truth.
    The hand printed envelope looks very distinctive surly someone will recognise it.
    Btw most local Councillors follow your posts but many won’t admit it.
    Keep up the good work and stay strong and positive.
    I hope they catch the swamp life who sent it so at least you could Name and Shame.
  17. Sounds like a total ********Andy we are with you all the way. Keep the faith. All the best.
  18. With you all the way mate, keep up the great work, and think you do great stuff in general… if only there were more people like you.
  19. He/She must have been upset with you to have written that letter. Don’t let the bast@rd5 grind you down!
  20. Andy, it certainly comes to something when supposedly highly thought of people who are again supposedly representing their constituents can use such barbed, rude and threatening criticism against another human being. Utterly contemptible and so utterly sad. Keep pushing Andy and cockroaches are bound to scurry into the trap 🪤.
  21. keep at them they dont like it when they are being exposed
  22. I’m dealing with similar myself just in a different way. Keep strong 💪 they don’t like when the truth is exposed
  23. Strangeway for PM
  24. Small tatoes bud
  25. I’d back you to the hilt Mr Strangewayi hope they find the culprit, unbelievable comments to an extraordinary fella.
  26. Oh my that is absolutely horrific! So sorry you’ve had to receive this Andy. A very bitter twisted and nasty individual has written that and I hope you find this person and get some justice!
  27. Andy may not live his life like the rest of us but why should he? He was the best councillor we ever had in Stamford Bridge and always got things done. Let me put you right on many of your accusations:-
    1. He has a job. He is a self employed very good painter and decorator .
    2. He is no scrounger.
    3. He is very selective about the friends he makes (quality rather than quantity)!!!
    4. His wife adores him. So as for suggesting such a wonderful person should seek ‘other company’ while Andy is away is nothing short of vile and malicious.
    I suggest that you check your facts, wash your mouth out with caustic soda then put your brain in gear before posting such malice.
    May you get your just desserts
  28. This is awful mate, sorry you’ve had to deal with it. I hope it becomes clear who this is and absolutely hope the councillors stand up for your (and our) right to hold them to account without fear of abuse.
  29. Keep strong it will get better be optimistic believe in your self
  30. That’s awful Andy Strangeway and Ruth Strangeway. What a horrible thing to have received…although this coward did state ‘we in Full Sutton….’ suggests they are local to you perhaps?
    Either way, they should come forward if they dare jnstead of hiding behind an illiterate envelope (spelt your surname wrong!)
  31. This is absolutely disgusting 😤 I hope the police find out who this vile person is. They need to see who is part of the council they say there are from and check peoples hand writing. This is so sick. Its actually made me emotionally sad that someone can say what they have wrote. I don’t know you but I will 100% support you xxx
  32. I am sorry that you have been in receipt of trash. May you continue to expose wrongdoing with enhanced vigour recognising the success incumbent in the communication.
  33. Karma will hopefully prevail. I know you can take care of yourself physically and mentally but please keep eyes and ears open for Ruth. Don’t let the buggers grind you down.
  34. i just had to let you know ! , I have known you for a very long time ( a week or 2 ) and after having read that load of S–T , I can only conclude that you have really REALLY gotten under someone’s feathers & ruffled their skin ( Well done ) I have to admire your tenacity and determination , keep on doing it . Remember what Winston said ” When your going through hell / Keep going ” Oh and incidentally — You are non of those things !
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