Bully Boy Stathers – Aggressive Communication

I am at a loss to understand why a certain ERYC Conservative Councillor appears to have an aggressive default mode when responding to a lady raising valid concerns in relation to planning matters.

I have received a copy of email communication from last year in relation to a high-profile planning application between objectors and Cllr Mike “Bully Boy” Stathers.

A lady who was one of the objectors politely raised concerns as to alleged interests Cllr Stathers had according to information in the public domain. The concern was that these interests related to the application and Cllr Stathers was to sit on the Planning Committee.

Cllr Stathers responded that the information was no longer correct. Up to this point, all of this is totally fine from both sides.

Sadly, Cllr Stathers did not just advise that the information in the public domain was out of date but also resorted to aggressively suggesting legal action.

“I will be forwarding all this information to my solicitor asking him to consider whether you have caused me harassment by sending these malicious emails (under the new Malicious Communications legislation), contravening GDPR legislation and, perhaps most serious, maligned my reputation and integrity resulting in defamation of my character. Unless I receive your unreserved apology by mid-day on Monday, this action will be taken”

Why do you need to be so aggressive Mike?

It would not be appropriate for me at this stage to explain why the claims made are baseless but I will state the following:

  • The response from Cllr Stathers could be considered intimidation.
  • The email exchanges could have constituted Grounds for a Judicial Review when the application was ultimately approved.

All East Riding residents have a right to politely raise their concerns in relation to East Riding planning applications.

To compound matters, the communication was sent out by a female ERYC Officer (from the Conservative Group Office) at the request of Cllr Stathers with five male Conservative Councillors copied in.

Was Cllr Stathers, with the assistance of his five male colleagues, asserting his power over the female Officer and female objector?

Mike, why do you think residents refer to you as Bully Boy?

Please Reflect And Apologise

I would encourage Caroline Lacey, ERYC Chief Executive and Cllr Stathers to reflect on the unnecessary and aggressive behaviour towards this lady that could have resulted in Grounds for a Judicial Review.

I would like to encourage both to issue an apology. Shall we say before close of business Friday?

Coffee And Sticky Bun

I would politely encourage the ceasing of such aggression. To assist this I am happy to meet with Cllr Stathers and Mathew Buckley for a coffee and sticky bun on Friday as I am informed that our paths will cross.

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