Bullying Redacted But Bullying Counter Claims

I can confirm that the word Bullying shamefully does not appear in the Final copy of the ERYC Bullying report.

Councillor Kevin Beaumont – Bizarre Logic

Please read the draft ERYC Confidential Bullying Report

Then compare the Final ERYC Bullying Report

At the Overview Management & Scrutiny Committee held today, the Councillors acknowledged the fact that mention of bullying in relation to 11,000 officers would not appear.

BUT…Councillor Kevin Beaumont complained about the “bullying” of Councillors by you know who (that man Strangeway).

Councillor Beaumont, all I do is publish that which Councillors have sent to residents and fellow Councillors. Surely on your bizarre logic, the Councillor sending the emails are the bullies?

Does Councillor Beaumont not realise how distasteful these two actions are:

  1. Don’t mention bullying of up to 11,000 officers
  2. But scream bullying of 67 Councillors when being held to account for emails that they themselves have sent out.

For the record, this is what Councillor Beaumont says is bullying. Please note everything I publish has emails from the exposed Councillor.

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