Tory Silence Condones Vile Death Threat

Having been humbled by the messages of support from East Riding residents it is also appropriate to thank ERYC Councillors for their messages of support.

Yorkshire Party

Councillor Tim Norman – Yorkshire Party

I would like to thank the Yorkshire Party Group for their support:

“Dear Mr Strangeway

Many thanks for directing us towards your Blog and the letter which you have received.

As individuals and as members of ERYC and the Yorkshire Party we are appalled that such a letter could even be contemplated to be written and sent to anyone.  This type of harassment, intimidation and bullying has no place in civilised society where freedom of speech is one of the real doctrines which our society is built upon.

We are pleased that you call this out as what it is being a heinous, unprovoked and uncalled for attack and support your actions in providing this to Humberside Police.

Kind regards

Cllr Tim Norman

Cllr Andy Walker

Yorkshire Party”

Liberal Democrat – Councillor David Nolan

I would like to thank the Group Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Councillor David Nolan for the support:


A vile and malicious communication.

Totally unacceptable and cowardly.

I may disagree with what you write but I defend your right to express your views.

Kind regards

Councillor David Nolan”

Independent – Councillor Paul Nickerson

I would like to thank Independent Councillor Paul Nickerson for his support:

“Dear Andy,

I’m sorry to hear this, that is really awful and frightening.

No one should be subject to this kind of threat and I’m pleased to see you have reported it.

I have unfortunately had similar anonymous communications to my home, even involving my young children. I hope you and your family are okay and if there is anything I can do to help, just let me know.



Councillor Paul Nickerson”

Last year Paul made an “error of judgement”. He rightly made an apology for his mistake and has clearly learnt from his mistake. Paul’s humility to apologise should be an example to all – ERYC Councillors – Buddhism, Compassion and Integrity

Tory Group Silence

Disgracefully not one Councillor from the Tory Group has condemned the vile death threat. Their silence condones the threat.

I encourage everyone to remember the shameful silence from the Tory Group when voting in the next ERYC election in May 2023. Please make a note in your diary.

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