Councillor Legal Redress – I Know Nowt

It has been noted that it would appear at first sight that Strangeway has been looking into the tea leaves.

Last Wednesday in Tory Councillor Exploring Legal Redress I mention that “Fred” is exploring “legal redress”. Then on Thursday in Bullying Redacted But Bullying Counter Claims Councillor Beaumont is seeking “protection”.

It was noticeable that Councillor Leo Hammond, Councillor Lyn Healing and Councillor Kevin Beaumont expressed views in relation to the debate. All three are Conservative. Could all three be part of the Coup gang? Could all three be using the bullying of Officers for their own ambitions?

Did Strangeway look into the tea leaves or perhaps someone in the Coup gang is more in the Strangeway gang?

As always I know nowt!

In the public interest, I resubmit the video of Councillor Beaumont seeking “protection”.

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