Deputy Chief Executive Unaware Of Judicial Review

While at the Headquarters of Hambleton District Council (HDC) yesterday taking photos for Case Study 1 it was my pleasure to finally meet Mick Jewitt, HDC Deputy Chief Executive.

Mick Jewitt, HDC Deputy Chief Executive

When informed of the successful Judicial Review against the Planning Application approved by HDC I was rather surprised to be informed by Mick:

“I don’t know what it’s about …I am not aware of what the issue is”

How can it be possible for the Deputy Chief Executive not to be aware of a Judicial Review against such a small organisation?

Could it be that the Chief Executive, Justin Ives, and Director of Law and Governance, Gary Nelson have withheld vital information from Mick?

If so, this would suggest that all HDC Councillors have not been informed. That, for reasons unknown, would point to an attempt to cover up.

Right To Reply

I offered Mick sight of the above prior to publication and invited his right to reply for consideration for publication.

Mick stated:

“I have no comments to make”

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