Tory Councillors Fail Residents On Planning

Having demonstrated my knowledge of planning legislation in Case Study 1 I believe it appropriate to examine how ERYC Conservative Councillors fail residents in planning matters.

Tory Councillors Mike Stathers and Andy Burton (now ex)

I will use the example of the new Full Sutton prison.

Councillor Mike Stathers and others encouraged residents to put in as many objections as possible. This could be said to be a catalyst for around 3,000 objections.

Why did Councillor Stathers and others fail to mention the fundamental facts?

  1. Planning objections should first be mindful of National legislation – currently Conservative.
  2. Planning objections should secondly be mindful of ERYC Planning Policy – currently Conservative.
  3. Being mindful of Legislation and Planning Policy, the Planning Balance should then be considered.

“Opinion” of local residents is at best in fourth place but in truth, it is of no consideration in isolation – this is the system set up by the Conservative Party at ERYC and Nationally.

It is the Conservative Party’s policy to build prisons.

Councillor Speaks Out

I noted that a certain Conservative Councillor spoke out against the Full Sutton prison application in support of residents.

A few facts of how the Torys “operate” at County Hall in relation to Planning Committees:

  1. They hold a Group meeting prior.
  2. The Councillor from the Ward where the application is from is “allowed” to “speak against” it.
  3. About two-thirds of each Planning Committee is Tory – thus one “local” Councillor speaking against does not change the decision but said Councillor is considered supportive of local residents.

Smoke and mirrors at its best.

My Position

As an Independent ERYC Ward Councillor for Pocklington Provincial (this includes Stamford Bridge) up to the beginning of May 2019 my position regards the Full Sutton prison application was clearly stated:

  1. As a Buddhist, personally, I have no issue with whatever is built next to me.
  2. As a Councillor, it was my duty to raise any breach of legislation or policy by the application – I was unaware of any such breach.

Why Was There No Judicial Review?

If there was a breach in legislation or policy by the application why did certain Tory Councillors not recommend a Judicial Review based on such Grounds as strongly as they encouraged objections?

I would suggest that with 3,000 objections they were plenty of people to finance a Judicial Review.

Surely the Tory Councillors were not merely sabre rattling knowing all the time that there were no Grounds for objection and just “played” residents to ensure they were elected at the May 2019 election?

I invite all six Pocklington Provincial and Wolds Weighton Conservative ERYC Ward Councillors to organise a public meeting if they disagree with that which I state. I would welcome an invite to attend.

Should I await my invitation?

Further Information

My understanding and actions regarding Planning and Judicial Reviews are available to be scrutinised in the Court of Public Opinion.

Please see Case Study 1

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