Be Aware – Prison Construction Damaging Road

This morning my wife set off early from our home in Full Sutton to spend the day with her disabled sister. Unfortunately, she had just driven past the Prison when she was forced to the side of the road by a speeding vehicle heading towards the Prison and hit a pothole.

As can be seen in the photo above (demonstrated by my car) the construction vehicles for the new Prison have widened the road, by default, thus the old grass verge is now part of the road.

As can be seen above the pothole is on a bend for oncoming traffic.

I am astounded that all those who should have ensured that the road was safe for local residents have failed to do so. This includes:

  1. ERYC Planning
  2. ERYC Highways
  3. Wolds Weighton ERYC Councillors (Cllr Mike Stathers, Cllr Leo Hammond, and Cllr David Rudd – all Conservative)
  4. Full Sutton and Skirpenbeck Parish Council

Why did ERYC not mitigate this obvious risk?

Why did the three ERYC Cllrs or the Parish Council not alert ERYC to the obvious danger to road users caused by the construction traffic?

AA To The Rescue

It is clear that the situation will get worse in winter and become more dangerous.

Email Requesting Action

I have sent the email below to those whom I believe have failed my wife and all local residents.

Sent: Saturday, April 23, 2022 10:13 AM
Subject: Be Aware – Prison Construction Damaging Road

Good Morning,

Could I please refer you all to (LINK)

Could I request that the required repairs to this road are undertaken immediately?

As per the FOI Act could I request a copy of the Risk Assessment for the management and maintenance of this road while the new Prison is being constructed?

If no Risk Assessment exists could I request that one is undertaken as a matter of urgency?

Could you please advise how my wife can make a claim against ERYC for the damage to her tyre and for the inconvenience and distress caused?


Andy Strangeway

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