Prison Temporary Entrance – Endangers Highway Safety

The outline planning consent for the new Full Sutton prison that the MOJ secured from the ERYC authorised the creation of temporary “access from Moor Lane to support the construction phase” subject to ensuring “that the access will operate safely”.

So why are ERYC negligent in ensuring “that the access will operate safely” by allowing the temporary entrance to endanger highway safety?

What would happen if the stationary blue car was replaced with a school bus travelling to Full Sutton meeting a construction site HGV on the blind bend?

The facts are clear for all to witness:

  1. The road between the entrance to the existing prison and the first temporary entrance is not wide enough for vehicles to pass.
  2. This results in large, heavy vehicles creating tyre ruts on the grass verge.
  3. These ruts then form potholes.
  4. The potholes then endanger highway safety as I witnessed and reported in Be Aware – Prison Construction Damaging Road.
  5. The prison sign has been hit many times due to a lack of adequate space.

Completion Due 2025

As the new prison is not due for completion until 2025 local residents will be subjected to the highway deteriorating for three years and three winters.

How many resident’s vehicles will be damaged due to the negligence of ERYC Highways to register the simple fact that the road is not wide enough? I would suggest that this demonstrates gross incompetence.

School Bus v HGVs

To make matters worse the route is used by school buses. I dread to think what will happen when a school bus meets a construction site HGV on the blind corner especially in icy conditions when the road is not gritted.

Wolds Weighton Tory Councillors

It would appear that none of the Wolds Weighton ERYC Tory Councillors – Cllr Mike Stathers, Cllr Leo Hammond, and Cllr David Rudd is aware of the negligence by ERYC in this case.

I gave all three Ward Councillors, ERYC Highways and ERYC Planning the opportunity, before close of business yesterday, to detail their “understanding and acknowledgement of such negligence”.

They all remained silent!

How can they claim to represent and help residents, especially those living in Full Sutton and surrounding villages by remaining silent?

Will their inability to know about even the most obvious, result in a significant challenge to their collective complacency at the ERYC election next May?

Site Visit And Solution

At 06.30 on Sunday morning I undertook a site visit to do that which ERYC and the three Ward Councillors should have done at any time over the past three years – I undertook a simple robust risk assessment.

As the road is not wide enough I highly recommend:

  1. An ERYC “bucket of tarmac job, to you to me style,” is carried out immediately on all damaged surfaces as a temporary quick fix. (NB: This was not done yesterday)
  2. The temporary entrances are closed with immediate effect.
  3. The road is widened and kerbstones installed, as it has been at the temporary entrances, between the entrance to the existing prison and the two new temporary entrances.

At that point, the work to build the new prison can commence as I believe  “that the access will operate safely”.

It is beyond me to understand why this essential work was not carried out prior to the works commencing. Perhaps another one to file under to you to me!

Will ERYC continue to play Russian Roulette with residents safety for the next three years?

ERYC MUST inform the MOJ of that which I have raised.

Further Information

Be Aware – Prison Construction Damaging Road

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