Prison HGV Enforcement – The Bad News

Over the past week or so I have come to the realisation that no Councillor or resident has a full grasp of the absolute shambles that is unfolding with the construction of the new Full Sutton prison.

Yesterday I was grateful to local resident “Dave” who questioned my statement “We must accept that two routes are to be used: A1079 – High Catton – Church Road – A166 – Full Sutton and A166 – Full Sutton”. While subject to adequate works and actions being put in place, pragmatically this is correct, yet it is certainly far from definitive.

Those who live in the Full Sutton/Stamford Bridge area will be aware that there are two East to West arteries that all traffic must use to travel beyond the local area – the A166 and the A1079. For reasons known only to themselves, ERYC never identified a practicable route for prison construction traffic approaching from either Pocklington Industrial Estate or the direction of Hull on the A1079.

As can be seen from the photo above, supplied by Dave, the prison traffic cannot use the High Catton route. According to the Planning Consent, those traveling from the Hull direction on the A1079 MUST travel all the way to the York roundabout (A166/A64 roundabout).

Facts Of Life

  1. Water will never naturally run uphill
  2. A child will never choose a plate of lettuce over a bar of chocolate
  3. HGV drivers will not take a significant diversion unless it is practicable – and legally enforceable.

Planning Enforcement

ERYC is now claiming that enforcement will be taken this week if HGVs do not travel on the correct route!

Enforcement MUST go via due process. Just one example – Before enforcement action can be taken, those allegedly making the breach should be given the opportunity to iron out the breach via a new Planning Application to address purely that breach. This can and does take months, at best. It is far from Amazon’s next-day delivery!

Who exactly will they enforce against – MOJ, Kier, the Sub-contractor, or the HGV driver? Has the MOJ taken reasonable action to prevent the HGV drivers from using the “wrong” route, for example, by informing Kier? If they have, they can claim that they have taken reasonable action – thus no enforcement action.

As for discussing any issues at the monthly meeting on Thursday – get real…

ERYC, due to passing a Reserve Matters Planning Application without adequate conditions, is a toothless fairy doing little more than empty saber-rattling.

Enforcement is an option open to ERYC – but only an option – it is NOT a requirement placed on them.  This is highly significant.

I would advise residents not to hold their breath awaiting enforcement action.

Local residents have, and continue to be, being let down by ERYC and those Councillors who claim to represent them.


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