Construction Road Ruts Buries Paint Tin

Another week has gone by and the main road to the new Full Suton prison construction site continues to deteriorate at an alarming rate.

What is ERYC waiting for before undertaking actions that should have taken place prior to the site opening? Will they act if the school bus ends up where the tin of paint is?

For scale, this is a 5l tin of paint.

Prison Destined For Approval

Let us make no mistake, this prison was always going to be approved as:

  1. The pylons were routed around the prison sites decades ago before the prison was even mentioned publically.
  2. It is the Conservative Party Governments National Policy to build prisons.
  3. The ERYC is dominated by Tory Councillors. When they are selected to be a Tory candidate they agree to put the party first NOT residents.

Inappropriate Comments

I note that there is no mention in Cllr Leo Hammond – MOJ – 5 May 2022 statement regards road widening. Would anyone like to suggest how the modules will be transported to the site on this road?

It has been mentioned that the two comments highlighted (by me in red below and in the statement) are inappropriate. I agree with these opinions.

  • “Lorry drivers will be educated on how to act appropriately.”
  • “… so that the Police can apply pressure to the contractors”

I can confirm that I firmly believe that ERYC will NEVER take enforcement action all the way against the MOJ in relation to the new prison. To suggest otherwise is sabre-rattling.

Please read Prison HGV Enforcement – The Bad News

Too Late

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