Halt Chaos – Act On Strangeway’s Observations

Yesterday’s incident, which involved the HGV tipping into the ruts created by construction traffic for the new Full Sutton prison, was a direct consequence of ERYC failing to halt the chaos of the past two weeks by acting on Strangeway’s observations.

I have shared these observations with the ERYC Director of Planning, ERYC Director of Highways, all three ERYC Conservative Ward Councillors for Full Sutton (Councillor Leo Hammond, Councillor Mike Stathers, Councillor David Rudd), all three ERYC Conservative Ward Councillors for Stamford Bridge (Councillor Kay West, Councillor Paul West and Councillor David Sykes – aka – the invisible three), and Full Sutton and Skirpenbeck Parish Council.

As evidenced in the video below all those listed above have failed local residents. Please remember this at the May 2023 election when the invisible becomes visible for long enough to secure your vote. This will then allow them to become invisible for the next four years. Enough said.


  1. Saturday 23 April – My wife’s car was damaged by a pothole – Be Aware – Prison Construction Damaging Road
  2. Sunday 24 April 06.30 – I undertook a robust risk assessment – Prison Temporary Entrance – Endangers Highway Safety
  3. Tuesday 27 April – I revealed “Operation Stack” – Prison Entrance – HGVs Unofficial Operation Stack
  4. Thursday 29 April – I published the shameful fact that ERYC only filled one pothole – Prison Road Damage – THE Pothole Patched
  5. Saturday 30 April – Video of speeding HGVs was circulated – Prison HGVs Speeding Through Full Sutton
  6. Monday 2 May – I confirmed the facts regards the false claims regards enforcement – Prison HGV Enforcement – The Bad News
  7. Thursday 5 May – Despite being aware of the above the MOJ, ERYC, Councillor Leo Hammond and Full Sutton and Skirpenbeck Parish Council hold a meeting that fails to act regards the ruts and the need to widen the road
  8. Friday 6 May – I exposed the dangerous ruts by use of a paint tin, the HGV incident and the statement from Councillor Leo Hammond that made no mention of the ruts and the requirement to widen the road – Construction Road Ruts Buries Paint Tin

The simple robust risk assessment I undertook confirmed that as the road is not wide enough I highly recommended:

  1. An ERYC “bucket of tarmac job, to you to me style,” is carried out immediately on all damaged surfaces as a temporary quick fix. 
  2. The temporary entrances are closed with immediate effect.
  3. The road is widened and kerbstones installed, as it has been at the temporary entrances, between the entrance to the existing prison and the two new temporary entrances.

This was not actioned. So two weeks later we have gone around in a full circle but with further damage to the road.

Saturday Morning As The Sun Rises

For the record, I still endorse the three requirements stated.

Ego, Incompetence and Common Purpose

It is clear to everyone reading the above that the responsibility for the current chaos is due to the collective incompetence of the ERYC Director of Planning, ERYC Director of Highways, all six ERYC Conservative Ward Councillors, and Full Sutton and Skirpenbeck Parish Council.

Perhaps the statements:

“Lorry drivers will be educated on how to act appropriately.” and “… so that the Police can apply pressure to the contractors”

should be applied to those who are part of the collective incompetence. It is THEY who need educating and pressure put on them! Touche.

Will they all yet again revert to type and attack the messenger? Should I apologise for having a brain, vision, and backbone? Or perhaps say nowt to appease others’ egos and incompetence? What a sad state of affairs.

Time for certain folk to fall on swords.

Legal Claims Against ERYC

It goes without saying that the haulage company and driver now have a significant claim against ERYC for negligence. Indeed my photo of the paint tin taken a few hours prior could be used as evidence if legal action is required. Ironically this marks the exact location where the HGV tipped into.

Residents are expected to keep paying those ERYC Council Tax bills in full knowledge of this shameful waste of resources.


We are very blessed that the HGV was not the school bus with children inside. Next time we may not be so fortunate.

Abridged Version

The radio plays “…and somebodies is going to die” – Is that a message from the “Gods”?

Please see Construction Road Ruts Buries Paint Tin for the unabridged version.

Further Information

A big thank you and well done to Ben for taking the footage. You are a credit, Sir.

I offer my best wishes to the HGV driver for a speedy recovery.

Please see Prison Scrutiny

Collectively we do have a voice.

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