Prison Entrances And Access Road Analysed

Given the recent events in relation to the temporary entrances and access road used for the construction of the new prison in Full Sutton, I have undertaken an analysis of the situation.

Official Reason For Temporary Construction Access

The official reason for the need for “temporary construction access” from Moor Lane was stated to be:

“to support the construction phase and to avoid construction traffic using the access to the existing high security prison .” – This is clearly smoke and mirrors, it should state:

the access to the existing high security prison site.

This is currently accessed by staff, prison visitors, and the local bus service. There is a massive difference between the access to the prison site and the access to the prison. How can this possibly be a threat to prison security when it is already used by prison visitors and the local bus service?

I expect that only Senior ERYC Officers and few, if any ERYC Councillors, know the true reason for the smoke and mirrors.

What is the true reason?

Temporary Entrances Engineered For Left Turns

We then need to consider that highlighted in Temporary Entrances Engineered For Left Turns.

Why was this engineered for left turns when Reserve Matters conditions confirm that they cannot be taken? Why were smoke and mirrors used to justify not using the current prison site access?

What is the true reason?

Emergency Exit

Everyone can clearly see that there is no emergency exit for the current prison – and that it is landlocked.

When the new prison is complete the full site would then house approximately 1,900 inmates with no emergency exit.

What would happen if, at say 06.00, the current access became unusable?

How would the change over from the skeleton night staff to the day staff be undertaken?

There is clearly a need for at least one emergency permanent exit. Due to the current prison being landlocked planning consent would have to be secured for permanent access onto Moor Lane. This would never be given in the first instance.

Those with a basic understanding of planning will all know the way around this is to first secure temporary access and then turn that into permanent access.

But there would have to be a reason for temporary access – oh yes – bring on the smoke and mirrors – the access to the existing high security prison (dont worry none of the ERYC Councillors will notice the smoke and mirrors)

The true reason is to create permanent emergency exits. This is why the temporary entrances are engineered for left turns when left turns are not permitted at the moment!

Stand by for a change of use planning application.

Two Solutions

But what about the failure to ensure that Moor Lane is wide enough for construction traffic?

  • Solution 1 – The construction traffic uses the access to the current prison – for reasons stated above this is a non-starter.
  • Solution 2 – Widen the road.

The road will have to be adequately and robustly widened but for this to happen the road will need to be closed for at least a few weeks and construction halted.

Will Paul Bellotti, ERYC Director of Highways, phone Priti Patel to inform her that his failure will result in a delay in the prison building program?

The widening of the road should have been covered by a Reserve Matters condition. In this instance, the MOJ would have to pay for the work.

Guess who must now pay for the work?

Now, who needs to fall on the sword?


I can confirm that:

  1. It would appear that the HGVs have disappeared
  2. There is an investigation underway as a result of the HGV incident

Further Information

Please see Prison Scrutiny

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