Prison Road Signage Still Requires Attention

Having highlighted the incompetence of the MOJ and ERYC to ensure adequate road signage for the new prison construction I can now confirm that their attempt to correct it is still in need of attention.

Traffic Control Ahead Signs – Now In Place

On Friday 13 May in ERYC Spin – Support Prison – Abandon Residents – I stated

“Observation 3 – As it is agreed that a stop/go sign system is required there is clearly a danger to all road users. So why have there been no warning signs of the danger put in place for six days?”

The signs for the stop/go sign system are now correctly in place. The roadworks sign to the north is correct, but to the south, the sign is still Top Secret.

What can you say?

Strangeway Publishing Precedes Action

I exposed the failure after six days in ERYC Spin – Support Prison – Abandon Residents on Friday and then yesterday I exposed the failure regards the stop/go system in Prison Stop/Go Sign System Unlawful.

I am sure that action to correct failures after my publishing highlighted such failures is purely a coincidence!

Just one sign to remove from being Top Secret and the job is a good un. Perhaps this will be another one to file under “Strangeway publishes we act”?

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