Mystery Photoon – Clandestine Leader Meetings

Having published Mystery Photoon – Any Suggestions Jonathan yesterday the reason for the mystery photoon has been suggested to me by various sources including current and former ERYC Councillors.

The gentleman on the left is ex-Tory Councillor Stephen Parnaby who was the Leader of ERYC for about 20 years. To the right is the current Leader of ERYC Tory Councillor Jonathan Owen. When Stephen was the Leader Jonathan was his Deputy Leader.

It is suggested that Stephen and Jonathan hold regular clandestine meetings and are accompanied by the ERYC Leaders PA Karen. Karen was also the PA for Stephen.

Given his considerable experience, I believe Stephen could bring benefits to ERYC. As Leader and Deputy Leader for so many years, I believe it is reasonable and creditable if they still have such a strong friendship that demands they meet up weekly.


  • Why are the meetings clandestine?
  • Would such meetings bring into question Jonathan’s competence to be ERYC Leader?
  • Who is ultimately the Leader of the Council?

Benefit Of The Doubt

Up to this point, I have fully supported Jonathan in his role as Leader of ERYC. I must give Jonathan the benefit of the doubt so I invite a statement for publication from him.

If my information is correct my confidence in Jonathan would take a serious dent and I would not be surprised if there was a vote of no confidence in him.

I await Jonathan’s statement.

Further Information

By pure coincidence the job of PA to the Leader and Deputy Leader is currently advertised:

With all due respect to Karen, I would suggest that the salary of £27, 514 for “37 hours” a week is below those of comparable positions in the area.

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