ERYC Conservatives – Begging For Tory Candidates

I can reveal that this morning ERYC Councillor Felicity Temple, Chair of the East Yorkshire Constituency Conservative Association (NB: This covers the area from Stamford Bridge to Bridlington), has emailed all Association members to more or less beg some to come forward to be considered for candidacy at the May 2023 local elections for ERYC.

Councillor Felicity Temple

Obviously, following the resignations of Councillor Mike Stathers from the Conservative Party and then the third Wolds Weighton candidate, Catherine Simpson last week, they are having to scrape the barrel.

It would appear that this is fantastic news for a couple of Tory lame ducks who, to date, have not been selected. Is that a Rutland flag I can see waving? This could make room for Paul West to try again to abandon his sinking ship at Pocklington/Stamford Bridge and climb aboard Wolds Weighton where he tried recently but was not selected by the branch.

It would seem that all that is required is:

  • An ability to ignore requests for help from residents.
  • Put your hand up when told to by the whip.
  • Admit to being a member of the Tory Party.

In return, if elected, you will receive at least £1,000 per month.

As always Strangeway knows nowt. Thanks for the email, Felicity.

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