ERYC Bullying Deception Fully Exposed

Those that require Adult Care or have a SEND child will be aware that ERYC is failing to provide these services for the most vulnerable in our society. The reason is that there is an out-of-control ongoing staff exodus from ERYC to pastures more appealing.

In essence, due to staff being bullied and stress placed on them by senior officers many have left. This has resulted in the failure to ensure fundamental services to those who desperately need them.

Head of Legal – Mathew Buckley – Head bowed in shame.

I was fully aware of the bullying of staff at ERYC when an Independent ERYC Councillor between 2016 and 2019. This I regularly laid bare. In addition, I have regularly uncovered this over the past three years. Alas the senior officers at ERYC have denied the bullying culture and, to my knowledge, all 67 ERYC Councillors have accepted this position stated by senior officers. Indeed ERYC Leader Conservative Councillor Jonathan Owen has made a statement to the effect that there is no serious issue with bullying.

At the ERYC Overview Management and Scrutiny Committee held last Thursday it was confirmed that:

“ERYC do not monitor bullying and harassment and has not done since ERYC was formed in 1996”

The Truth Is Out

So the claims by senior officers, with the full support of all 67 Councillors (who have a mantra – never to question officers) are without any base. Bullying is rife. In effect, such claims are a deception of the lowest kind to defend the position of the Council with no regard for residents, especially those who are most vulnerable.

NB: From April 2022 this will now be monitored.

Lack of Management Control

Conservative Councillor Lynda Bayram even has the audacity to ask for the information, when it is finally monitored, not to go into the public domain.

I place on the public record that if ERYC endorses the position suggested by Cllr Lynda Bayram I will request copy from those within County Hall (who have morals) and publish the evidence as I did with the two bullying reports (Please see below).

Thankfully Conservative Councillor Kevin Beaumont has a grasp of the situation:

“If this was available to the public they would be horrified”

This post places before the Court of Public Opinion the full evidence of the deception. I fully agree with Cllr Beaumont that the public will be horrified. Shamefully for ERYC, there is more to reveal.

What Changed In April 2022?

On Friday 25 February I submitted the FOI request below to ERYC. Why did not one of the 67 Councillors request this evidence?

I was then forced to chase the request up with ERYC on two occasions. They finally responded on April 8 2022.

Disgracefully ERYC clearly lied by disclosing information they now state they DO NOT monitor. They fabricated the “evidence”.

I did not publish this when I received it as I knew from first-hand information that the numbers claimed were false.

In essence, ERYC had been exposed by a member of the public who has full knowledge of the workings of ERYC and the relevant FOI legislation. Without this knowledge and understanding, I doubt ERYC would have started to monitor from April 2022.

Was that April 2022?

When did Strangeway finally receive his response? Oh yes, April 2022!

Please read FOI Request – ERYC Bullying False Facts

Please note that this is on the Headed Letterhead of Mathew Buckley, ERYC Head of Legal. The same one with his head bowed in shame.

ERYC Leader – Fall On Your Sword

To date, I have fully backed ERYC Leader Councillor Jonathan Owen. Given the seriousness of his deception of Councillors and residents, I firmly believe he must immediately fall on his sword. His position is untenable.

Given the stance taken by Councillor Kevin Beaumont, I believe he has demonstrated qualities that would contribute to making a great Leader. On this evidence, he would have my full support.

Further Information

ERYC did not want the two reports below made public. I have previously made them available to the Court of Public Opinion and do so again given the deception exposed.

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