Councillor Ben Weeks – What is EPA 1990?

ERYC Conservative Councillor Ben Weeks has put a motion before next week’s Full Council that legislation already covers and is best described as “a woolly motion”.

Councillor Ben Weeks

The motion states:

By Councillor Weeks

“That this Council:

Recognises that it has a responsibility for processing council taxpayers’ waste and that waste treatment sites in residential areas have the potential to cause significant disruption to residents living near the site.

Therefore, this Council resolves to ensure that council taxpayers are not adversely affected by the processing of their waste by:

1. Ensuring that the impact on local residents is considered ahead of cost and convenience during the procurement process.

2. Discounting sites which have a proven track record of causing disruption to local residents, at first stage of the procurement process.

3. Engaging in a robust series of monitoring to assess the impact of the site on the local community.

4. Including within the contractual agreement, the option to end the contract early where there is evidence that the site is causing ongoing nuisance and disruption to local residents.”

Environmental Protection Act 1990

I refer everyone to the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Ben, why have a motion for that which is already covered in legislation?

I would advise Cllr Weeks that “this Council” must first recognise the legislation. So why waste taxpayers resources on a motion for that which is already covered in legislation?

Ironically, our Ben proudly claims to be a “Hull Uni Law Graduate”. Looks like he missed the EPA 1990 lecture!

This motion reflects the sad state of affairs at ERYC.

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