“Caring” Tory Candidate – Sharing Tory Wardrobe

Residents in Beverley Rural Ward must be so delighted to be able to vote for a candidate in the upcoming by-election who is a “caring Tory”.

A Caring Conservative Party? Really?

Perhaps the naive candidate, Peter Stevens (seen on the left), needs to discuss the cost of living crisis with Beverley Rural residents. Does he not understand that it was created by the Tory quantitative easing program that has sent inflation back to the 1970s?

As Peter is younger than the usual Tory candidate you would hope that he will have an understanding of social media. Sadly this is not the case.

It would seem that Peter required the assistance of Cllr Jacob L Birch, Mid Holderness Ward to set up his campaign Facebook page. A young Tory who needs his hand holding to build a simple Facebook page does not bode well for future communication. Beverley Rural residents take heed!

Does Cllr Michael Lee, aka Slippery, believe this Facebook page, set up by others, to be a vital part of the campaign?

On the positive side, it is good to see that all three gentlemen (two current Tory Cllrs and the candidate) are able to share one wardrobe.

Would that be a caring, sharing wardrobe?

Thanks for the email, Peter.

Still, Strangeway knows nowt.

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